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Here, the Main Key Purpose is all about You, Your Struggles and the World. Experiences, challenges, difficulties, opportunities, choices, decisions.


Being a girl could a times seems challenging so, learn to handle and tackle this challenges, live a stress free life, know what matters, inspire and appreciate yourself, master a sweet and easy lifestyle.


Here, we live by the words "Girls can do it" we got GIRLPOWER and we got Strength. Giving you all you need to bounce your emotion to a 100 degree and all that incentive to rule the world and also all the reasons to stay strong.


The goal is to provide an excellent narrative, a well defined mindset and to set a healthy, productive and profitable lifestyle for you.


Reality girls are for Greatness!

About Deexerh


Deexerh is the crazy writer behind the reality girl, a weirdly intriguing individual with the obsession of evolution and and idea of redeeming the world, and so, decided to embark on an adventure to set the right lifestyle for other girls like her, their challenges, struggles, ambitions, discrimination, relationships, revealing real facts the world might have shielded from them. Her experience lies in all that has to do with being a girl in the 21st century, She truly believe on the standard capabilities and the special powers behind the girl gender who is (being underestimated by her society and herself ) and had thus, succeeded in motivating girls in her past projects mostly in Writing and awareness. Deexerh if not found at school studying or taking selfies with her friends, then she is at home with an Enticing novel of Mystery and suspense hovering over her face or either found long lost in her latest day fantasies including being a carton character or is gratefully being her usual naughty self to her dear brothers and sister.

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